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You Luck is
in the Move

 Location, location, location

Just like the time of birth is crucial in our life, place we live in also crucial for luck & general success. 

2 people could be born within only 2 minutes difference, yet have completely different lives. And not

just because of their background & upbringing. As I wrote in analysis of Time Rectification person can have a happy childhood, & someone, born 20 minutes later, will have a horrible one. You can die young,

or experience multiple losses, that if, could not be prevented, they at least can be expected & taken

lighter, if you prepared ahead. Sometimes, life can be prolonged, by preparing & relocating. At least for

a little.

We are given this information, so we can make necessary corrections. It's like getting a second

chance & ability to make the right choice. How is the birth chart horoscope a better option vs. seen

a psychologist? Psychology is based on the events & memories, while birth horoscope is based on

the actual facts: like date & time of birth & mathematical planetary calculations. I used my own life experience to test & prove it many times: where we move is important, our life can drastically change overnight, for better or for the worst. Our relationships can undergo profound changes & challenges, 

if the place we relocate to, is chosen incorrectly. 

What , Where & When


 Attitude, sex & love preferences, taste in foods

& drinks, as well as choice of personal sports varies, depending on the environment you live

in & location you pick. I can definitely testify to this personally.

I don't like to stay near water for too long, for example, it makes me very irritable. So, I can never live on the beach or ocean front. 


I traveled a lot & I relocated a lot. I know what makes me happy & healthy, & what places trigger bad attitudes in me. In a same way people know, when alcohol or drugs are not good for them, I know which places to avoid. 

When the East meets the West


What is most interesting in case of Astro Relocation, vs. plain Feng Shui relocation is advise. In Feng Shui you would say:" Move

South West in the Mountain or Seaside

Region", while in Western astro relocation, advise would depend on the planetary combinations, not the region itself.


It's good to look at both systems in terms of client's advise. Locate Feng Shui beneficial region first (Sheng Qi direction, for example) & then, locate most positive region within it, based on Western astrology.


You want to begin with selecting your Sheng Qi, Tien Yi, Yan Nian or Fu Wei regions based on your Gua. 


Same setting, different effect

Hamburger and Cheese


Two different mountain areas, for example, located on about the same elevation, but with different planetary clusters active, 

will have completely different mental & physical effect on the person. 


He or she will like to drink wine & eat

heavier meats in the mountains, vs seaside,

or lakeside, where most people would crave lighter wines, drinks & foods or tend to have more active lifestyles. 

It all of cause, depends on their Mars & Venus placement. I, for example, automatically lost

10 lb once I relocated to Lake Ontario area from Lake Tahoe area, without diets. Then I gained 20 lb more. And have a hard time losing it. Because, believe it or not,  my life style speed has changed. Drastically. This is calmest, most stagnated in the winter area on the planet. So, I became a "winter bear", I pack pounds until summer& I don't really care ...


Everything changes when we relocate.

You can Control some Energies

Travel Right


Positive travel directions for the company VP or CEO is something you should know. This kind of information

is good to have in the employee's personal file. Why?

So you would not sent the wrong person to the wrong place for the million $ negotiation or life saving event. 

In terms of Corporate Management, for example,

you can find the person with specific combination,

for dealing with the the East Coast negotiations vs. West Coast. If the person's directions are chosen incorrectly, he will inevitably, experience trail & errors with losses.




for success & money luck.


Blank Notebook
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What is Time of Birth Rectification?

Do you know when you were born?

Accurate to the minute?

Let's say, your parents have no clue or simply don't remember your time of birth.

Hospital records are lost.


Set of events, related to your life will help to calculate & show probability of exact time of your birth.

The Best of Free Software


 Hélios Delemme
* PC Only From $80.00 to $490.00
No Free Versions


Great Software. Accurate & very detailed professional

version report, but not very user friendly interface & design. Full $490.00 Version is too expensive for quality of UI & design. Not available for IOS/Mac. Great database, however.

ZET Astro
* PC Only From $180.00

Free Trial Version is Available

Amazing Reporting Software. Accurate & very detailed professional version report. Prediction Planning Mode available, but not available for IOS/Mac. Great interface & database.

Fortune Angel
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Great Chinese Astrology Software. Accurate & very detailed professional version report. More affordable compare to many. Not available for IOS/Mac. 

Bazi Calculator
*Free Version Online 

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Great BAZI Software. Accurate & very detailed professional version. Great 100 years calendar,

but couples  chart compare system is not very good. Affordable subscription.

Antares. PRO 
*Available Free Online

PC Version $90.00

First of all this is my favorite software.* Accurate & very detailed free online version. Affordable full version. Free Online version is perfect for professional & horary reports. Detailed Fixed Stars energy report. Interactive interface. Professional version contains prediction mode, health mode, etc. Great & clean design. But not available for IOS/Mac.

Academy of Feng Shui 3 ®
* PC Only From
$490.00 No Free Versions

One of the most expensive Feng Shui Softwares.* Professional version requires re-subscription for updates. This is a great software.  "Consultant's version" contains great Peach Blossom selection, prediction mode, Flying Stars mode with uploadable floor plans. Shipping from UK is expensive. DVD is required. Not available for IOS/Mac.

Unfortunately, No MAC Versions of any these software are available. *

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You can Check Out anytime you want, but you can Never Leave ...

Little bit of Astro Humor.

This is what can happen to our attitude when we relocate to a higher altitude ... 



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