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" A Must Have List "
of the Companies & things, for Every Small Business
 Syracuse, NY & Beyond

Working in Cafe

When people open the business, they often miscalculate & underestimate their  initial expenses or hidden cost.

I created the list, from my own experience, what newly open business must absolutely have for the first year.

Not just business, but anyone who plans to relocate to a new area. I was lucky enough & previous owner was kind

enough to live me some contact information, such as lawn mower they used, etc. Otherwise, It took me over a year

& "kissing" couple of "business frogs", until I was able to build a good contacts list of reliable people. 


I also​ learned, over the years, working for private businesses, corporation & various non-profits, that, ALL of them run

based on the same principals. I believe donating to Charity & contributing to one, is a great way to preserve business

success in a future. So, this list, applies to every New Business. As "a Must".  In my opinion. 

In the regions with a lot weather changes, especially snow & storms, having alternative to the plane or the bus, such as

train, can be a great options. In United States, not many travel sites offer train tickets, as a primary transportation choice.

I used Amtrak in January 2021, from Sacramento, CA to Chicago, IL. It was very interesting trip, and great alternative

to the airport cancellation. I added Amtrak on my list. In America, on the West Coast in particular, trains are probably the

least common form of transportation, while cars & planes make majority.


Public transportation, such as bus or NY subway, in US has a "bad wrap", as not the safest form of transportation. I did not include any form of general public transportation under travel options. Some rides on Uber or the Lyft cost less than cup

of late grande, plus they are safer. 

I selected companies for this list based on:

Knowledgeable in their field

Do they have a Valid License to operate? 

How Long have they been in Business?

Communication Skill

  • Do they able to answer the phones in case of an Emergency?

  •  Do they communicate details & able to answer questions?

Being on Time

Do they give a Time Frame for Arrival?

Do they actually Arrive on time?

Technological advanced

  • Do they offer a Text or Email appointment confirmation?

  • Do they offer online appointment booking & selection? 

  • Do they offer online invoice pay? 

Being clean & accurate

  • Do they Provide Installation?

  • Do they Clean up after the repairs? Does it cost extra?

Quality of Final Service or Product 

  • Do they offer any type of service warranty? 

  • Do they have a discounts for returning customers or legacy program? 


All offer location based search 24/7, 

most offer delivery

Grocery Basket
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Holiday presents are "The Must" of every business

Present Surprise
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Most reliable tools for Modern business

White office organization
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  1. Wix ® Hosting

  2. Spectrum/ Internet ©

  3. UTRECHT © Art Supplies 

  4. ULINE ® All Office Supplies 

  5. Apple ® Great for Computers

  6. Zazzle © Great for Printing  Materials

  7. Samsung ® Great for Small Electronics

  8. Wondershare ® Enterprise Software Solution 


Most, including, Lyft offer "pre-booking in advance" service

Family Vacation
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You can't just take, you have to remember to give back

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation
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